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Executive Folio - Simulated Leather EP 028 -
Rich simulated leather turned and sewn to produce this professional item, just for the executive. Letter size pad, pen and gussetted pockets for business papers. Secured by a flap with gilt corners and velcro fastener.
EP20EP022/021 EP009 EP 020

Binder Folio -
This majestic item has a professionally stitched simulated leather cover with elegant gilt corners. Ideal for the busy executive, it comes with gussetted pocket for notepapers, clear pocket for business cards and optional calculator. features 11" x 3" x 1/2" round ring mechanism with open/close booster and an 8" x 10" note pad for your writing convenience. A secure flap with lock and key protects all your documents.

Executive Folio - Vinyl -
Heat-sealed in richly finished vinyl with gussetted pocket, clear pocket for business cards, an 8" x 10" writing pad and a flap with lock and key. Available in the following styles: EP 022 Basic * EP 021 With pen, calculator and gilt corners.

Executive Desk Folder -

Graces any desk with its presence. Stitched in beautiful foam padded simulated leather. This desk folder is trimmed with gilt corners. It comes with a refillable pad, slant utility pocket and a loop for optional pen.
Available in the following styles:
EP 001 Letter size with calculator
EP 002 Letter size without calculator
EP 005 Legal size with calculator
EP 006 Legal size without calculator

EP 005 / 001

EP 006 / 002

EC 011 Letter Folder Regular -
Heat sealed vinyl cover with liner border comes with an 8" x 10" Pad with diagonal utility pocket.
EC 009 Letter Folder Premium -
Foam-padded support board, heat-sealed in vinyl and features a utility pocket for important papers. It also comes with an 8" x 10" pad.

Regular Junior Folder- EC 020
Sturdy liner board heat-sealed in rich vinyl with slant pocket comes with 5" x 8" ruled pad just right for quick meetings interviews etc.

Premium Junior Folder -EC 008
Foam Padded vinyl cover.

EC 008 /009


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